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How do we get more Youtube views?

2016-12-05 18:15:02 by Tellmytale

So my friends and I made a youtube gaming channel a year ago and we noticed that we weren't getting any views. We made funny skits, gameplay videos and the only views we were getting is from Facebook friends. It's called JeggiTV and it would be really cool if anyone of you check it out and tell us what we can do better.  Here is a link to to a game we played -


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2016-12-05 19:30:41

Share the secret if you ever find out! We would all really appreciate it :)


2016-12-05 20:23:41

You have to jump on the train. Nobody just starts a YouTube channel and becomes successful no matter what the content is. I know some YouTubers who are now reaching over a million after being on for several years. Others have only been on since 2013 and have almost 4 million.


2016-12-05 21:16:55

Honestly, your content has to be somewhat popular and trending. Becoming big as a gaming channel is pretty far fetched at this point considering the complete over-saturation of gaming channels. The most recent gaming channels to blow from the top of my head are Alpharad (who has been doing smash for years, but has moved out and gotten a following) and Aztrosist. Joseph Anderson has also gotten a decent following lately. The big thing about these channels though is that they aren't gameplay channels. Joseph Anderson does very critical and in-depth reviews of games, Aztrosist does meme videos with surreal and sarcastic humor, and Alpharad does edited videos with quick jokes in the same vein as Dunkey.

As for the gaming part, your videos are too long. Youtube favors ~10 minute videos in their algorithms, and it is possible that these days they have been changing the algorithm to go against lets play channels. If you want to grow, you might need to consider changing your content, and saving the let's plays for streams/an alternate channel. You could try using more clickbait and catchy thumbnails as well

If you want an example of channels that grow due to current trends, this year edited meme videos seem to be big. MrMrMANGOHEAD started posting videos a month ago and now has 100k subscribers, quite literally from posting one type of video only. Andywarski and Chris Ray Gun are pretty recent youtubers who have gotten popular due to the political situation in the US (Andy: 150k subs, and CRG: 250k). Finally, your content has to be good and entertaining, if people like your channel they'll look for other people to share it with.